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  1. Download the ringtone to your computer (not your iPhone).
  2. Import the ringtone to iTunes by double-clicking the ringtone file or by choosing "Add To Library" from the iTune's File menu.
  3. Connect your iPhone to your computer with your phone cord.
  4. Once your iPhone is connected to iTunes, choose your iPhone and select "Tones" and ensure that the "Sync Tones" and your new ringtone are checked.
  5. Sync your iPhone.
  6. Once you have synced, you can assign the ringtone on your iPhone by going to “Settings” then “Sounds, then "Ringtone” and choose your new ringtone.
Download for iPhone

* Please note: Apple only allows an iPhone to sync to one computer, so make certain you are connecting to the computer you normally use to sync your iPhone.

Android and other mobile device instructions:

Please refer to your phone's instruction manual for specific ringtone installation instructions.

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If you are not able to download the ringtone at this time, enter your email address below and we will send you a direct link to download the ringtone later. Rest assured, we will not use your email address for marketing purposes.

Unfortunately, you can’t download a ringtone directly to your mobile device. You’ll have to download it to a computer. Enter your email address below and we’ll send you a direct link so you can install this ringtone on your computer. Rest assured, we won’t use your email address for marketing purposes.

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